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Sporter is the first app that automates your workout process. Your workout will be safe and most effective with just a smartwatch.

Workout automation

This unique application analyzes personal indiсes during the workout. It provides real-time recommendations about the speed of training time intervals between exercises or sets and automatically calculates them. All of this information is displayed on the smartwatch screen.

Efficacy & Safety

Sporter records physical indiсes of your organism with 95% accuracy (100% - using smartwatch with any heart rate sensor chest strap) and instantly analyzes them. The app's unique algorithm determines the optimal workout load for your organism at the given moment. From the mobile application, you can see the complete statistics of the physical condition after the workout, analyze the workout intensity, adjust and schedule your further training by yourself or with your instructor.

About the app

  • Intensity, automation & result

    Our audience is people working out regularly, fitness instructors, and fitness clubs.

    There are three types of workout

    1. “Power” - powerful workout or work with heavy weights.
    2. “Cardio” - workouts with cardio load, for example, TRX.
    3. “Superset” - training with fixed time of work and rest between sets and exercises.
  • Our solutions

    • The automation of the personal workout process
    • Workout intensity control
    • The possibility of working out based on the training plan created by you or your instructor
    • The analysis of your workout on your own or with your instructor
    • Sporter will keep you from distraction during the exercise due to tactile reminder
    • Your smartwatch becomes professional equipment for workout
    • A ready-to-use digital product for fitness clubs


Our team

Dmytro Medvedev

Dmytro Medvedev


Andriy Gavrylenko

Andriy Gavrylenko


Oleksandr Saiko

Oleksandr Saiko